Our Story

Aseem Singh, designer and innovator of TrueLove® Diamonds has been creating jewelry trends and designs for the USA market and Duty Free Retailers across the Caribbean & Alaska.

Aseem’s educational background includes some of the best education and on the job training in the world: but, as proud as he is of what he has accomplished, he still gets his biggest thrill from creating a new piece of jewelry. “Sitting down and sketching out an idea is as magical to me now as it was the very first time I did it” say Aseem Singh. Whether it’s a traditional wedding ring or a bracelet with multi-colored stones, Aseems passion for jewelry and eye for beauty is evident in each piece.

Inspired by the love for, and beauty of his wife, Aseem created the TrueLove® Diamond collection to embody the innocence, beauty and divinity of true love. The design and creativity found in each piece of TrueLove® jewelry is unmatched, as if reverberating that true love never ends and is, undeniably, the greatest gift of all.