Angelica, the Ring from Truelove Diamonds, is a luscious, magnetic, and mesmerizing jewelry piece to wear and flaunt.

Ask those who own this ring and will swear by its splendid make and exquisite structure. Nothing better than a Ring with a meaningful message, made to last and hard to forget. Easy on the eyes and wallet but remains forever enthralling, compelling the admirer to revere in its intricate design, always leaving an impression!!! Forget Me Not!!!

Enhanced with a heart-melting message, the Truelove Diamonds Masterpiece is the perfect gift for your soulmate! Love yourself and indulge in precious pampering to feel beyond cloud nine. Get immersed in the alluring beauty of this Ring.

To your Ladylove, this ring symbolizes a Queenly personality with a perfect vision and a burning desire to reach the Centre stage. An alluring solitaire center creates an enthralling signature while tantalizing the overflowing color diamonds, majestically enhancing the divine beauty inaptly named Ring, Angelica.

This masterpiece creation curated by Aseem Singh, Brand Owner and chief designer of Angelica, already found its home to multiple Nations and Cruisers who flock to immerse in the beauty of Caribbean Islands either by Land or the Sea and do discover the magnificent Truelove Brand, available at all major retailers around the Caribbean. Aseem sums up Angelica in simple words;

“A thing of beauty, for the Eyes of Its beholder, designed to emulate the fire within, while creating a Calming river of Diamonds”.

Angelica derives its name from the Latin word Angelicus meaning “angel”. This mesmerizing Ring fully compliments the divine powers and leaves no stones unturned to please its owner.

A must-see! (A must-buy!) This ring is a showpiece!

In a layman’s term, Angelica is an Exquisite Ladies stunning Color Diamond Ring with a Solitaire Stone and Channel of vivid diamonds overflowing on the side creating a bridge and holding the most beautiful Centre passionately looking over its peers. You won’t be able to stop staring at it! Simply beautiful! Breathtaking! The Color of the Diamond from Truelove is undisputedly most vibrant and sassy as ever. The Ring has handsome Glossy Diamonds in an intriguing matrix.

It’s an excellent choice for “Not to be missed” jewelry. Being the life in a party though still suggests a perfectly modern, candlelit glamour.

Truelove Diamonds are available through Retailers all around the Cruise destinations in Caribbean Islands  and Effy stores onboard varius Cruise ships. Look for your favorite Ring or come by to our website and make your purchase. 

Truelove Diamonds is a US based Brand , though sold worldwide through its distribution network. For all trade inquiries please  reach out to Truelove Diamonds  at