Sapphires 101

Sapphire Ring

Sapphire, and its cousin the ruby, is derived from the mineral corundum. During the gemstone formation process, which under natural conditions can take thousands or even millions of years, the corundum interacts with other minerals to take on a range of colors. Red corundum is known as ruby, and any other shade, including pink, white, yellow and blue, is considered sapphire.

That’s right, although sapphires are widely recognized for their deep blue hue, there are many varieties of this precious stone. Not only do they vary in color, but given that they’re naturally occurring, their appearance will slightly vary too. A sapphire’s uniqueness shouldn’t be a drawback, but rather an indication of its authenticity.

Everyday Sparkle: Sapphire birthstone jewelry and studs

On a scale of one to 10, sapphires score nine on the Mohs scale of hardness. Diamonds are the only thing to surpass sapphires, meaning they’re the only natural material to be able to scratch or cause damage to this gemstone. Thanks to their durability, sapphires are safe to be worn every day.

But how do you wear a sapphire daily? Choose a deep blue or white sapphire to go with almost any outfit. Sapphire studs are an interesting take on a jewelry collection classic, as is a sapphire pendant necklace.

Those born in the month of September might find extra significance in sapphires, as they’re the September birthstone. Reach for your studs or birthstone necklace like you would your favorite pair of jeans.

Vintage Elegance: Antique sapphire jewelry

If you prefer a vintage look in your wardrobe and your jewelry collection, antique sapphire pieces are a beautiful option. The best part is that vintage doesn’t always have to carry a large price tag. If you know what to look for, you’ll be able to recreate the vintage look for less. Certain gemstone cuts, such as pear, emerald, and cushion-cut, give a nod to the past, as well as yellow gold. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired sapphire bracelet or earrings, you’ll be able to wear these timeless classics everywhere you go.

Sapphire Pendant

Something Blue: Sapphires for weddings and formal occasions

A bold gemstone deserves a bold occasion, and what could be bigger than your wedding day? If you’re stuck on your “something blue”, why not top off your wedding attire with some blue sapphire jewelry? This could be a set of drop earrings or a necklace featuring a sapphire centerpiece with a diamond halo.

If a wedding isn’t on the horizon, sapphires can be your dazzling companions for years to come at any formal event you attend.